While these days much of our product line is new, we still do our best to keep an interesting selection of military and police surplus as well other oddities you'd expect to find in our kind of store. Come in and take a peek at our variety of helmets, canteens, gas masks, bags, web gear, ammo boxes, trench shovels, shirts, pants, dress uniforms, coats, wool blankets, sleeping bags and more.

Surplus Metal Ammo Cans 
.30 Cal. Out of Stock .50 Cal. $25

Canadian Army Cold Weather Parkas
         Extreme Cold Weather (ECW), $80
IECS Combat (Goretex), $120

Canadian Forces Mil-Surp Boots
Goretex, Combat, Parade & More, $30+

Gas Masks! 
OM-90 w/Filter Only, $78
   OM-90 w/Filter & Kit, $110

Canadian and United States Army Duffle Bags, $20

 Camo Nets! ~11' x ~20' $120

Canadian Army '82 Pattern Web Vests  Out of Stock

 Canadian Fleece Shirts & Pants, $20/Pc  Low Stock

 Canadian Mk.II Lightweight Combat Coats, $20
British Combat Coats, $20
German Combat Coats, $20 Out of Stock
Dutch Combat Coats,  $20
German Work Shirts, $20

Canadian Forces 100% Wool Sweaters,$20

Canadian Forces Flight Suits - Blue, Out of Stock
Canadian Forces Flight Suits - Green, $35
Canadian Army CVC Suits - Green, $35

Canadian Forces Snow Camo, $15/Pc

Many photos on this page are stock images.
Condition will vary on Mil-Surp items.