Knives have been around for about 2.5 million years and in that time there have been endless innovations. We carry  a large variety of folding, fixed blade, tactical, survival and fighting knives as well as bayonetes, daggers, low to high end machetes and brush clearing axes. The companies we deal with are renowned for the quality and durablility of their products and produce knives for commercial, police and military purposes. Much of their product lines are on hand and we're always happy to place special orders for you. So check out their websites. Our prices are usually comparible or better! Please email us regarding special orders.



Warrior Series Katana, $489 (MSRP $589 US) Out of Stock!

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KA-BAR - Made in USA

Please note: There is no length restriction on carrying knives within the Criminal Code of Canada; the only restriction is for concealed carry. We do not sell the following knives: Automatic, Centrifugal, Gravity, Constant Companion, Finger Rings and Push Knives. You must be at least 16 years of age to purchase knives at The Army Navy Store.

"Life is too short to carry an ugly knife" - Calvin Coolidge