Whether you're marchin' up and down the square, or kickin' ass, you'll need a quality boot.
Here at Army/Navy we do boots like it's our job or something...*

New Boots

We stock Original S.W.A.T. Classic 9" Boots and CSA Approved Classic 9" Safety Boots
Sizes five through fifteen!

Classic 9", $200 (#1150)              Classic 9" Safety, $240 (#2250)

Mil-Surp Boots & Shoes


What you can expect to find on our military surplus footwear shelves.
  • Mk3 and Mk4 Combats, $30+
  • GORETEX Cold/Wet Weather Combats, $35+
  • CSA Approved Steel or Composite Toe Safety, $30+
  • Parade Boots, $30+
  • Oxfords (White & Black), $10+
  • Mukluks w/Liner, $25-$35
On occasion, we'll get issued, unworn military boots, often new in box, with tags. You'll find those boots next to the SWATs, on their own rack, priced as marked.

Need laces, socks, or insoles? We'll generally have that stuff too.

*Army/ Navy does not condone ass kicking.